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Mailboxes Bashed All Over

Of all the crimes investigated by Wilkes deputies over the holiday weekend, the most frequently-reported one was mailbox vandalism. A total of 24 mailboxes were battered, knocked down, run over, or otherwise damaged throughout the county. Some of the case are related, but many do not appear to be connected at this time.

The group of connected vandalism cases affected 13 homeowners along Austin Traphill Road late Friday night or Saturday morning. The first one in the group called deputies just before 6 a-m Saturday. Homes starting in the 58-hundred block, extending through the 62-hundred, 63-hundred, 65-hundred, 66-hundred, 67-hundred, 71-hundred, 72-hundred and 75-hundred blocks had suffered damage. In all the cases but one, the homeowners learned of the damage by a deputy knocking on their door to tell them about it. None heard any noises during the night, and no one was able to offer a possible suspect name.

Deputies have arrested a person in connection with another mailbox bashing, this one at a cricket business. Lyalls Cycle Shop reported the damage to their mailbox early Saturday. As deputies were investigating that, they found another mailbox damaged a few blocks up Boone Trail, and a semi trailer outside Carolina Cycle Supply painted with obscene graffiti. Two teens, Kyle Parker McMillion and Dustin Johnson, admitted to being the culprits in all three instances. Deputies called their parents and made arrangements to get the graffiti painted over.

The other mailbox bashings affected homeowners in the Oak Ridge Church Road, Thurmond Road, Brer Fox Trail, Roope Ridge Road, and Glen Dancy Road vicinities. All the cases are listed as under investigation.

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