Digging in the Sink Holes in Wilkesboro
Thursday, June 6, 2019 at 12:24PM

The Town of Wilkesboro has work crews digging around sinkholes near the old Taco Bell off Hwy 421.  The crews are digging to gain information on what pipes are involved in creating the sinkholes and to provide information on the best ways to fix the problem. Under a consent judgment issued by Superior Court Judge Michael D. Duncan earlier this year, the estate of the late J.C. Faw and Wisco Development must reimburse the town for any liabilities, losses or costs from remedying the sinkhole problems beyond what is covered by the town’s insurance.  Thus far, the Town of Wilkesboro has spent $100,000.  Meetings are being held with the Town, DOT, and other businesses in the area to get the pipe drainage system fixed.

Article originally appeared on Hometown Christian Radio 3WC (http://www.hometownchristianradio.com/).
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